Sunshine means Liners!

This week, along with all the pool openings, valets, hot tub deliveries etc. we have been busy putting in pool liners.  We have to wait for the weather to get a bit warmer before we can fit liners so that the vinyl is pliable and we can get a good fit.

Liners come in a wonderful array of colours and textures and really give your pool a facelift!

Together with a couple of standard construction in-ground pools, this week we had a very delicate task of lining an above ground pool which had been sunk into the ground. The construction of this pool relies on water pressure to maintain stability and push the walls out and upright.  So once we had taken the water out and stripped the old liner, at any moment the walls might suddenly cave in and all could be lost!

IMG_20180419_120532308You can see the delicate panels in this shot when we had taken the old liner out and patched any rough areas.

IMG_20180419_134644236With no steps into the pool we had to be very careful not to puncture the liner as we went in and out.  This shot shows the new liner being hooked in to place around the top edge.

IMG_20180419_143008685Another successful liner replacement filling up with water!   It was a really sunny, hot day and working in a pool can magnify both heat and light.   Both Rick and Mike came home with a good tan!

If your pool needs a facelift give us a call!