Indoor and outdoor pools

maintenanceTake the hard work out of looking after your pool! We will visit on a regular basis – either weekly, fortnightly or monthly and check the following:

  • Remove debris from bubble cover and brush if required
  • Roll off bubble cover
  • Net floating debris from pool
  • Vacuum pool
  • Brush the pool walls
  • Clean out the skimmer and pump baskets
  • Backwash the filter and rinse
  • Check the pressure gauge is working
  • Check all valves and pipework for leaks and report in writing if we find any
  • Check the timeclock is set to the correct time
  • Check that the heating is working
  • Carry out a comprehensive Water Test
  • Check that all the valves in the pump room are in the correct position
  • Add and/or supply chemicals if required and ensure enough stock until the next visit.
  • Roll the bubble cover back on
  • Make a visual check of the whole pool and its equipment
  • Make a note of any works required.

These Valet Visits really take the hard work out of looking after your pool and are very cost effective. Phone or email for a price for your pool.
Outdoor pools

Outdoor pools need to be closed down in the Autumn and opened up each Spring. If a pool is not ‘put to bed’ for the Winter properly you risk burst pipes, corrosion and equipment damage.

Opening up the pool for the Summer months can be hard work cleaning and getting the chemical balance right.

Pool Opening includes:
  • Reassembling equipment
  • Removing the winter cover
  • Initial cleaning of the pool
  • Shock dose of Chlorine
  • Full photometric Water Test
Pool Closedown includes:
  • Final cleaning for the year
  • Water level adjustment
  • Addition of Winter Chemicals to keep algae at bay
  • Put on the Winter debris cover.
  • Drain down pumps, filters, heaters and pipework
  • Put pump in to store if possible

Save Money and book a Mid-Winter visit, when you schedule your closedown, to check water and chemical levels to ensure your pool is ready to go in the Spring!
Water test

We have the latest Photometric Water Testing Equipment which will give you a detailed chemical analysis of your Pool Water and also the measures required to rectify it, should this be necessary.

We carry out a Water Test automatically with every Pool Opening and Valet Visit. We can supply all the chemicals you need to keep your pool clean and healthy and can advise on any special requirements that you may have.