Sophisticated Beachcomber installation!

Hot and Steamy Hot Tub!
Hot and Steamy Hot Tub!
A Beachcomber hot tub completes this idyllic picture.








This was another Hot Tub we delivered recently.  The customers had had their patio beautifully landscaped to make the most of the glorious views.  All they needed was an elegant Beachcomber 340 Hot Tub to complete the picture.  They were so happy with their purchase they even bought me a bunch of gorgeous flowers!

The Beachcomber 340 Hot Tub offers classic good looks, incredible insulation values and a no-fuss approach to owning a hot tub or spa.  Every one of these hot tubs is made with the same attention to detail,care, skill and engineering, and you can be sure that you have invested in the very best when you buy a Beachcomber.

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We are a family owned swimming pool and hot tub company.  We serve a wide area including Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and parts of Wales.  Our Showroom is now open six days a week (see our ‘Contact’ page for address and directions).  Come and check it out, say hello and see what makes our customers so very happy!