What do you REALLY want for Christmas?

Happy Christmas!

Beauty, Quality, Design, Craftsmanship, Function, attention to detail – these all describe beautiful Beachcomber Hot Tubs.  These are the best hot tubs you can buy and among the most economical to run.  They are built to last and will bring decades of relaxation and comfort to you and your family and friends.

From the moment you lift the HeatShield cover and step into the luxurious, soothing water you will find yourself sinking into the warms and comfort with a satisfied ‘Ahhhhh’ as you sit back and relax.  After a while, turn on the powerful foot massage, add air to the mix ‘OOOOhhh!’.  Spend a while enjoying your own personalised back, shoulder, neck and calf massage ‘Wow’.  Let the strains and stress of the day melt away and have the time to really connect together in your own special space … bliss!

The other night, we had a date night (yes, I know we have been married nearly 30 years but once in a while a ‘date’ with your best friend is fun!).  It was a cold November evening, the moon and stars were putting on a fantastic display and frost was in the air.  We had been out testing our luck on the local dry ski-slope – and we could feel, all too keenly, the lack of practice, our age and using unfamiliar muscles – we were aching!  We arrived home and staggered out of the car and looked at each other.  Yes, it was time for a dip in the hot tub.  Even lifting my feet to get into my swimming costume pulled at my calf muscles and my back was sore!  Wrapped up in our dressing gowns, we went outside.

The lights on the SafeAxiss Steps guided us to our beautiful Beachcomber.  We lifted the cover and the steam billowed up into the frosty air in welcome.  I quickly hung up my dressing gown and climbed the wide, safe steps and I can’t tell you how delicious it was slipping in to the clean, warm, comforting water!  Seriously, I really did let out a spontaneous ‘Ahhhhh!’

As I said, it was a beautiful, cold moonlit night and it was wonderful just to lie back and gaze at the stars.  We played with the lights on the tub for a moment and scrolled through the many colours and settled on a cool purple on the topside crescent moon lights and then just relaxed (I would say ‘chilled’ but that would be so misleading because we were warm and cosseted, comfortable in warm water).  I saw a couple of shooting stars!  It was so peaceful outside, in our own private space.

Now, I love a foot massage – I Really Love a foot massage and, fortunately, Beachcomber have The Best Foot Massage –  so I put the foot jets on full blast and added air into the mix to give a really deep massage to my feet.  I also discovered the beauty of the very powerful calf massage jet and, without this, I really think I may have struggled to walk the next day!  Each seat has a different arrangement of massage jets which target different areas and I made my way around the tub and worked on all the different muscles in my back, ending up in the corner seat with the neck massage and big massage jets targeting the lumbar region.  This was really helpful and beneficial after our strenuous evening.  It was bliss!

All warm, relaxed and soothed we turned off the pumps and lights, popped the cover back on and, wrapped up in our robes, made our way back to the house for a cup of cocoa and bed – after all, it was a ‘school night’.  A perfect end to the evening.

So, if you are fed up with plastic nonsense that gets thrown away with the turkey; if you want ‘Ooooh’s’ and ‘Aaaaah’s’ from your family for the whole year and not just for Christmas; if you want to invest in your health and well-being for years to come – invest in a Beachcomber Hot Tub!

Call us now to book your own, private wet test.   Our Beachcomber prices include everything you need to get you up and running from a pre-installation site visit to a cover lifter and chemicals.  All you need to supply are the electrics and a solid base!  We have tubs in stock that we can deliver in time for Christmas!  What are you waiting for?  Call us now!

Insulated to withstand the Canadian winter makes them economical to run!
Insulated to withstand the Canadian winter makes them economical to run!