A Heat Pump may be the answer!

There has never been a better time to invest in a Heat Pump.

The design means that for every unit of electricity you put in to the machine up to 5 units of heat can be transferred to the pool water. With energy costs rising dramatically a heat pump can now effectively reduce your pool heating fuel bills considerably.

The range of heat pumps we use work with outside temperatures as low as -15° so they can work as a stand alone unit. If you already have gas or oil heating, a heat pump makes the ideal addition, saving on energy costs keeping the original heater in reserve for emergencies and quick heat ups.

Easy to fit with advanced, electronic controls they are highly efficient, clean and quiet in operation. Heat pumps are sized to fit your pool and with rocketing fossil fuel prices they offer a real opportunity to save money and carbon. The energy is collected from the air outside and transferred to the pool water. For each kW consumed by the heat pump, 3 to 5 kW are returned to the pool.

Not only CHEAPER but also more ECOLOGICALLY friendly – it just makes sense!